This is a very simple response – no.

If you have been reading that ‘millennials’ or the group known as ‘generation Y’ do not respond well to printed collateral or any form of direct mail, then I would like to suggest that it’s inaccurate from my experience and research.

Digital has its place – a very big place, granted – but so does the follow up of receiving something in the hand. Something malleable, something remotely interesting to hold. Alright, sending countless A5 leaflets out in the post may not be the silver bullet of getting to your customers (or their wallets), but there are many creative ways of getting your message, brand or product out there.

Reports this year show that engagement is averaging over 10 minutes when someone has received a printed mailing. This is way above digital in general, and a well thought out message and campaign could easily secure a new customer – or at least make them think – or put it in a pile that they come across in a week, maybe a month.

Sensory absorption is a phrase I have read, and I like it! Physically holding something in your hands still plays a large part of the brand experience. This physical aspect works well alongside digital campaigns too – it gives integration impact. Your precious ROI will be bolstered.

But what about the environmental impact I hear you cry? Well, the paper industry (mostly) these days has excellent environmental credentials, because paper that is sourced properly is through managed forestry – that’s completely renewable to the layman.

So, when people ask me ‘do you do SEO?’ and ‘do you do websites?’ the answer is yes we do! BUT to give a belt and braces solution, I often go back to including good old fashioned direct mail. It works with the younger generation as well as the older demographics.

Industries I have worked in have MDs ranging from 22 to 75 years old – so there’s something for everyone in a multi-channel, offline and online strategy.

Long live direct mail.