Have you had a brochure designed recently?

If so, have you looked into the online page turning ‘flipper’ style of brochure, to leverage your already spent budget?

Put simply – these are online versions of your printed brochures that give life and versatility to your design collateral. You’ve already paid for the design, so all you need from your designer/agency is the PDF (in single pages, no crops or bleed), which then can be uploaded to a flipper hosting site. The site will then put it together as a double page spread page turning brochure for you.

The online flipper brochure can then show active links, be shared on social media, be printed, be downloaded, you can send the link on email and embed it into your website with iframe code.

– Plus –

You can get stats from the hosting console, seeing how many views and downloads each brochure has had. You can also see how many views of each individual page has been conducted. Very useful for seeing which pages in your brochure hold the most interest for your customers. 🙂

You’ve paid for the design and had it printed, why not upload it and have a digital version too?

An example: https://lnkd.in/dSmfVyS