Who are we?

Moonshot 9 (MS9) is a full-service creative marketing agency offering bespoke marketing support and strategy to companies wanting to increase their sales. MS9 has secured an extremely creative and professional remote talent pool, led by managing director Simon Box.

Simon has over 22 years in the creative marketing field, working within large multinational organisations on multiple in-house brands, publishing companies, multimillion pound private companies and a niche marketing agency. Simon has recruited and grown several very successful in-house B2B and B2C marketing teams over the years and grown companies significantly when coupled with proactive sales support. Innovative campaigns with the ability to ignore what ‘everyone else does’ (or is expecting), and create something new is where we excel. Something fresh and persuasive that ultimately increases sales leads is the primary goal. Quality over quantity.

The formation of MS9 means our experience and skillsets can be shared across multiple customers, all on ‘missions’ with Moonshot 9.

We will help you achieve fantastic.

  • 22 years’ commercial experience

  • We help you engage and persuade customers

  • We plan and implement strong strategies

  • We prefer bespoke to generic

  • We have a proven track record in growing sales

Company branding

We create brands.

Why the name – Moonshot 9?

That’s a good question… as we haven’t named ourselves this for no reason.

The term ‘moonshot’ means awesome, fantastic, almost impossible to achieve, the best, the reason for success, reaching the highest point, right on target. This phrase was coined when people first talked about going to the moon. Something thought to be impossible… However, in 1969 the Apollo 11 space mission did just that. It conquered the ‘impossible’. It achieved fantastic.

As a professional marketing agency we deliver fantastic to our customers, leveraging over 22 years of experience within Moonshot 9. We increase lead generation, grow your business and make you more profit. We integrate fully with any existing marketing function, plus excel at working hand in hand with your sales team.

Moonshot 9 offers director-level marketing support for your business, without the costs of employing a marketing director or in-house team.

Oh and of course – what about the ‘9’ you ask?

The ‘9’ is the maximum amount of customers (or missions as we like to think of them) that we will deal with at any one time. This way we devote our precious time to each and every customer on their mission with Moonshot 9.

We have a remote talent pool made up of exceptional graphic designers, project managers, digital marketers (SEO, social media advertising, conversation rate optimisation), copywriters and PR, print brokerage, data gurus, event managers and more. If you already have a marketing team then we even provide onsite training and advice. Do you have a goal? A dream for your business?

Start a mission with Moonshot 9 – we’ll help you achieve fantastic.

Branding, direct mail, emailshots, brochures, campaigns, lead generation