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Professional marketer of 22 years.

Start-up your marketing (and business)

**Start-up business packages** For a fixed cost you will get: Branding - suite of logos and full brand guidelines Website - Google friendly Wordpress site Stationery - all designed and printed - cards and letterheads Social Media - FB, LinkedIn, Insta and Twitter pages all setup **All in 6 weeks!**

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Marketing audits

**Impartial Marketing Audits** Ever audited your own marketing? Any idea whether it's actually doing its job? How do your customers view your company, products and/or services? Are you showcasing your USPs? Does your marketing support your sales team's targets? How are you appearing against your competition? These are questions we can answer with an impartial [...]

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Flippin’ brochures!

Have you had a brochure designed recently? If so, have you looked into the online page turning ‘flipper’ style of brochure, to leverage your already spent budget? Put simply - these are online versions of your printed brochures that give life and versatility to your design collateral. You’ve already paid for the design, so all [...]

Always design for print

Always design ‘for print’’. A valuable lesson I learnt 20 years ago was making sure your designs can be printed successfully. It’s fine making something look pretty on screen, but what about when it’s printed? I’ve summarised some areas to consider below, and I’ll go into more detail individually over coming posts: Spacing - keep [...]

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It’s a wrap! Wall graphics/wall wraps

We now have a sister company - HD Wraps UK Ltd From the HD Wraps UK website: "Put simply - we design, manufacture and install high definition wall wraps on internal and external walls. We supply to the end user and/or work in conjunction with builders, building managers, facility managers, architects and interior designers. There's [...]

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Influencing for (better) results

Influencing others and challenging their existing thoughts, feelings and actions – directly or indirectly – is an essential part of any business growth, and it all starts with you – the project leader, manager, team member or business owner. Successful influencing is the ability to use your skills to encourage others to follow your way [...]

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Is direct mail dead to millennials?

This is a very simple response – no. If you have been reading that ‘millennials’ or the group known as ‘generation Y’ do not respond well to printed collateral or any form of direct mail, then I would like to suggest that it’s inaccurate from my experience and research. Digital has its place – a [...]

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Psst… it’s not really B2B or B2C

Two sectors of marketing have existed for years. Simply known as B2B and B2C – business to business and business to consumer. This was, and still is to some point, a reasonable way of identifying two differing target audiences with ease. I have personally been involved in both for the last 22 years - maybe [...]

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